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Kings III Emergency Communications has been providing complete, compliant, and affordable emergency phone solutions for elevators, pools and more for over 30 years, with over 95,000 phones across United States and Canada.

Their all-inclusive solution includes equipment, installation, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency response at their very own Emergency Dispatch Center. They are designed, assembled, and supported in the USA.


With such a wide coverage area, Kings III felt the need to optimize the time of assigning an appointment to a technician as well as optimize their technician’s route in order to give a better response to the customer and a clustered route according to the Technicians schedule and living locations.


Smart Scheduler is a tool that allows operators to find the best Technician and day for a given appointment while providing a visual representation of the Technician schedule for the selected day and the route he will execute.

This is achieved by calculating the possible routes for a given interval of days and presenting a list of suggestions sorted and color coded from best to worst suggestion. The suggestions take into account travel times, distances traveled and clustering of appointments to achieve the best possible route.


"Moxie showed constant ability to understand complex problems and talk through solutions that ultimately increased one of our depts efficiency by 96%. Moxie always showed during our collaboration, timeliness, professionalism, technical proficiency, flexibility, and availability during a 6 hour time zone difference. I enjoyed working with them and have Moxie as an extension of our software department here at Kings III."

Shawn Aslam, Manager at Kings III

96% Time Optimization

Task Automation

Improved efficiency


With the Scheduler tool, Kings III was able to remove the complexity of manually booking an appointment and therefore reducing the time it takes to book an appointment by 96%. The tool also provided better routes and appointments clusters that take into account the Technicians living locations providing this way a better appointment distribution with lower travel times which enabled the accommodation of more appointments in a single day.