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Transforming digital projects

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These real-world examples demonstrate the significant work we accomplish with OutSystems technology to help our customers drive their digital transformation

Kings III

Route Optimization


Moxie developed the Smart Scheduler tool to optimize technician scheduling, route planning, and appointment booking for Kings III. The tool reduced booking time by 96% and improved appointment distribution and travel time, resulting in increased efficiency

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Customer Service

AgentDesk, a customer support application, revolutionized Medicare's call center operations. It simplified processes, allowing agents to deliver more efficient service. AgentDesk boosted the client experience by improving call management, reducing wait times, and personalizing scripts.

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Renewable Energy

Field Services

SeQuential addressed fieldwork challenges by creating STA, an OutSystems-powered mobile app. STA integrates Google Maps and GeoLocation for real-time route updates and information sharing between Service Techs and Dispatchers, even offline. This solution resolved connectivity issues, boosting user satisfaction. Now, Service Techs have precise routes and seamless synchronization with the back-office for accurate, real-time data.