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With the mission of fighting climate change, SeQuential is one of the leading used cooking oil collectors in the United States.

SeQuential also offers grease trap cleaning service throughout the region allowing the clients to use a single vendor for their grease management needs.


With the objective to provide superior professional experience, SeQuential required a strategy centered on managing and executing the work Service Techs perform in the field. This was accomplished by developing a stable, reliable, fast mobile application with great offline performance.


STA (Service Tech App) is an OutSystems-powered mobile application that works on and offline. This allows Service Techs and Dispatchers to keep their work up to date and each other informed of changes as information collected from the field is synchronized with the back-office and route changes with the STA.

The Service Tech’s workflow is optimized by integrating Google Maps and GeoLocation to track their routes, and notify of upcoming added, or canceled routes and stops.


"We enjoy the close collaboration with the Moxie team and continue to be surprised by the level of thinking and quality of solutions delivered. A recent sprint delivered a needed solution in record time, which again demonstrated the level of skills, creativity, and flexibility.We look forward to continuing our collaboration."

Paul Wogan, CIO at SeQuential


Before STA, Service Techs had difficulties with offline connectivity in their routes, and general application performance. With the introduction of STA, SeQuential was able to increase application usage and satisfaction from users. Service Techs can now rely on precise routes and have all necessary information at their fingertips, even with limited connectivity. The tool is fully integrated with the back-office application to provide the Dispatcher real-time, accurate and reliable information.